The journey of North Hills Church began in 2009 when God planted the seed of starting a new church in the heart of our pastor, Jon.  At the time Jon McCartney was serving as youth pastor at Cedar Crest Baptist Church.  It would soon become clear that God desired to begin a new church work in the Calhoun area, about 10 miles west of Cedar Crest.


Along with Jon, his wife and 3 children, 7 other families would answer the call to plant North Hills Church.  They began meeting in a home in July of 2011 to pray and find their way.  It was in these beginning meetings that the Lord gave this group the framework He desired for planting a church.


During this time the Lord led the group to a vacant 6000 sq ft building in a near-perfect location in Calhoun.  The building had been neglected and was in dire need of work.  Thus the renovation phase began.  The building was gutted and rebuilt from the floor up.  God provided every person and resource needed to complete the work of His building.


In the middle of renovating the building, the first worship service was held.  It was on Sunday, September 11, 2011 that North Hills first officially gathered for a Sunday morning service.  From September to April of the next year services would be held in a laundry mat, video store and Mexican restaurant.  What fun times they were.


The building renovation was completed by April of 2012.  By then 15 families had committed themselves to the ministry of North Hills.  Since then we continue to see God bring new families almost each week.  It has been an exciting journey to see God work in and through the lives of a few faithful followers.  Their story has just begun.